Eaglesworld Initiatives

Eaglesworld Initiatives is an NGO founded by Desmond Kofi Akwaa, and was registered as an NGO in Ghana on November, 2010. The NGO has since been educating the youth of Ghana, especially in Kumas, the second largest city and it's Districts and Villages on HIV and AIDS prevention.

The founder with the passion to help end new HIV infections among the youth has developed HIV and AIDS materials to educate them both in and outside school. He started with the development of an HIV and AIDS book (Dialogue/Dramatic) to be given to basic school pupils.

He has also developed an HIV and AIDS brochure and a new HIV and AIDS educational material title: HIV MESSAGE against FOOTBALL MESSAGE with the technical assistance of UNAIDS Ghana and Ghana AIDS Commission.

The development of the material was provoked by the UNAIDS vision of using the convening power of sport to educate the teeming youth (in everything about HIV and AIDS). NOTE: the addition is in bracket.

The NGO is now educating Senior High Schools in Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa on Sexual and Reproductive Health in a project dubbed: NO YAWA, which is a DKT International, Marie Stopes International and Grameen foundation sponsored project. Pictures below.

Desmond Kofi Akwaah - Founder/Executive Director
Eaglesworld Initiatives
Kumasi- Ghana
Email: kingkay44@yahoo.com