Where are We?

How can the Youths ensure that the 2011 World Aids Day theme of Getting to Zero-Zero AIDS Related Deaths is attained? We all concur that attainment of zero infection will not take a day but a process. But then do we recognize the importance of the Theme in the fight against the AIDS menace? Let’s assume that we could all decide to live by the theme… That we could live in a society with zero AIDS infections and Zero AIDS Related Deaths? Whose role is it to realise the Theme?

First, the governments should redirect all their efforts to the theme. New policies should be adopted that guarantees safer behavior and preventive approaches to reduce new infections to zero!!This approach should include the most risky group as much as possible. The youths should be instrumental in the design and implementation of the new policies.

I recognize the roles that individual governments have so far done in the fight against the scourge. However, more engagements with respect to multi-sectoral organizations especially those involved in behavior change, medical prevention, youth empowerment and religion need to be instituted. Again, there need to be a reinforcement of the people’s skills and knowledge on self protection, empowerment, stigma eradication and resource acquisition to eradicate commercially motivated sexual immorality.

Most of the efforts should also be geared towards people and communities at risk of contracting HIV / AIDS. Such programs should in retrospect promote literacy and awareness among the individuals at risk of new infections. There should be effective monitoring and documentation of all processes and achievements to encourage local participation and involvement.

In fact, we have discussed only on how to avoid new infections. What should the government and individuals do to reduce HIV related deaths? Drop me a line at Kenya@nayd.org or simply repy to this blog.

Kaudo Vincent,

Nayd Kenya CC.